I created new funny designs for Cinco de Mayo, featuring some cute avocado characters: a Mexican avocado with a mustache and a sombrero, an avocado cat (the "avogato"), an avocado couple with a heart shaped kernel (avocuddle!), and a Mexican llama wearing a sombrero who is asking "Como se llama?" ("What's your name in Spanish").

All the designs are available as SVG cut files for Cricut and Silhouette, and printable PNG clipart on Perfect Cut SVG Files, and I also made some tshirts that you can order on Amazon (US shipping only, with free shipping):

- Avogato avocado cat SVG, and Avogato tshirt.

- Señor Avocado with Mustache and Sombrero SVG, and Mister Avocado tshirt.

- Como se llama SVG and Como se llama tshirt.

- Let's get smashed SVG (to make guacamole :-) and Let's get smashed tshirt with 2 avocadoes.

- Avocado Mom and Kid SVG

- Let's avocuddle SVG and Let's Avocuddle shirt.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Avogato shirt

Lets get smashed shirt

Señor Avocado shirt

Como se llama shirt